Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All flights to Istanbul cancelled

I guess this is what happens when the US doesn't raise any objections to to Turkey flying into Iraqi airspace to hunt down the PKK. So last Saturday, although I had planned to fly to Istanbul on Sunday and had just arrived in Sulemaniya at 10am, I found out that Laveen wasn't flying, turned around after lunch and came the 3 hours back. So sorry to the two Canadians who had accompanied me there. I got home, had a nap, packed my bags and set off towards the border by taxi at 11pm.

Now it is late Monday night and I am in Istanbul. I arrived yesterday at about noon. Tomorrow I fly out for London. But I had time for the following:
A trip to the Grand Bazaar...

... where I shopped for Christmas presents.

A few photos of Metro station tiled walls; This is Kabatas.

Shopping and a 3D movie (how retro) at Kanyon shopping center.

I will be sad to leave tomorrow if only because I have a long journey ahead to get to the middle of nowhere Canada (sorry Mom), but I return on the 5th of January. Who wants to make a bet that the Istanbul - Erbil flight scheduled for January 6th will also be cancelled?

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Anonymous said...

Despite the extra hassle, it's good to know you will not be so close to the action in Iraq.

It's also good to see that Turkey is not playing hardball with visas for people arriving from Kurdistan.

Fingers crossed for an early stop to this action and your safe and hassle-free return in January.

Merry Christmas,

W in Tokyo