Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Saffron and Lemons

Grubbying up the crisp first page
Welcome to a brand new blogger's brand new blog. So, what to do with this spanking new cooking notebook? The possibilities are endless, but perhaps I'll start grubbying up the pages with a small self-introduction so we can get to know each other a bit. My name is Saffron and I am a greedy eater and hoarder of cookbooks. There, it' s said (g). My twin passions are world music and world food. Preferably authentic and preferably together"

The above quote is taken from the brand new blog of my friend and occasional leaver-of-comments on this blog (some of you will know her as W in Tokyo). I am so excited about this blog as W in Tokyo aka Saffron will be writing all about food! I will note this blog in my sidebar so that if you were thinking of cooking wild rice, pomegranate and proscuito salad this weekend and ALAS you forgot that there is no proscuito available in Kurdistan, you can leave a comment on Saffron's blog for advice. She has taught herself all the finer details of all sorts of food (like how to make certain veggies less bitter and so on), she knows how to cook gourmet on the cheap and is likely also a master of substitution as the Yokohama/Tokyo area didn't always have the wealth of exotic imported foodstuff it boasts now. Furthermore, she loves Middle Eastern cuisine and has a treasury of cookbooks intended for the exact types of ingredients available here. I hope all of my friends here in Kurdistan who like to cook will become good friends with Saffron. You can find the blog by clicking here!:

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Saffron/W said...

Wow! How's that for an intro! Thanks, Zanmei. Love that lemon visual!

Saffron is also pondering whether to look for a cheaper subsitute to the proscuitto. We'll see what the offerings are this weekend.

As for substitutions, you could try this site http://gourmetsleuth.com/equivalents_substitutions.asp. As you see it gives the example "tomatoes," something dear to your own heart (g).

Surprisingly (!?), no substitutions are listed...