Sunday, March 02, 2008


This is another post for Saffron (formerly known as W. in Tokyo). A while ago, I went for lunch at Fairuz, a newish Lebanese restaurant in Hawler. Instead of ordering the Western dishes popular with locals, I ordered the day's special Lebanese dish, which I unfortunately promptly forgot the name of.

Anyway, it had these little pasta-like balls combined with chickpeas and chicken, all of which had been stewed for 4 hours. Although rather colorless,the flavor was delicate and pleasing (was it allspice?). Anyway, a little search led me to believe those little pasta-like balls were in fact Israeli (or Lebanese) cous cous (as pictured). Anyway, this recipe from Recipezaar souds like it would taste like what I had (minus the tomatoes and the chicken-browning step).


Saffron said...

Mmmm. Sounds yummy. I feel that a trip to my local Middle Eastern place (run by a Lebanese-Japanese couple) may be in the cards soon. I'll interrogate the owner on the finer points of this maftoul if you like (g).

It will also give me a chance to work on my belly dancing. Better pull the finger out if I am ever to wear that fab costume you haggled for for me in Istanbul, eh (G).


Heather said...

Didn't know how to reach you and really wanted to be in contact again. it's been so long. Found all of your blogs and hope you read this. Please mail me if you have a chance. Really want to know how you are...... :(