Thursday, July 16, 2009


So you must have realized by now that I am no longer in Iraqi Kurdistan... I have passed through Stockholm (more on that later) and am now in Vancouver, where I have started to hand out some of the souvenirs I bought before leaving. One of my friends' favorite places to buy souvenirs is (predictably) the Kurdish textile museum. By purchasing things here, there is the sense that you might be helping to keep local arts and crafts alive... and that people who craft these items might be getting a decent fee for their handiwork (although you can never be certain).
Sarah, on her last visit bought a beautiful felted piece (like the sign above, but in beautiful patterns and colors), but I opted for smaller silver pieces that wouldn't cut too deeply into my 20kg luggage allowance. Fhn in Vancouver likes her silver, turquoise and ? earrings!

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