Thursday, October 08, 2009

Recent flood in Erbil

It rained yesterday evening! And this morning, as we entered the parking lot of the university, we were surprised to see what appeared to be a lake. A colleague made a comment along these lines:

Seems the Buildings & Estates Department are making good on their promise to add facilities. We now have a swimming pool!

Indeed! The bus driver turned the wheel and we all held our breath as he navigated the bus towards the embarkation point (which would take us directly through the center of the pool). We exhale. The event was anticlimactic as the water didn't even come halfway up the wheel.

Anyway, this is likely the most water Erbil has seen in a while... and with poor drainage, it sits around until being absorbed into the dust... or evaporated by the midday sun. But note that what is simply normal rainful to a Vancouverite is a full-on FLOOD to a Hawleri!

Thanks for the photo Suhaib. Sorry for posting before requesting permission to post.

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