Sunday, October 25, 2009

Views from 100 Meter Road

Some time ago, I promised to post pictures of the newly finished sections of the 100 Meter Road. I'd like to make the first installment today.Below please find a picture of an as yet unopened mall. From the outside it appears to be huge and promises to host a variety of shiny new shops and services. I am hoping that they will be better than those at Rhine Mall... but if not, no worries. You can always fill in the time at the amusement park behind the mall: Family Fun. It boasts a ferris wheel, a roller coaster and rides all made from the left over materials from a massive amusement park in Turkey. (Note also that this mall is very near to BRZ - a new hypermarket which is quickly gaining fame as the the only supermarket selling both wet and dry cat (and dog) food! FYI - it also can lay claim to having the best selection of spices in Hawler, not to mention Pillsbury cake mixes and grapeseed oil!
And this next picture is the tunnel you will pass through if your taxi keeps heading straight on the 100 Meter Road towards the road to Ankawa instead of going back towards the Rizgari hospital.

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