Tuesday, January 29, 2008

..and yet another wedding...

On Saturday, I accompanied Vin to Salahaddin for yet another wedding- this time the wedding of her friend, a member of the Kurdish diaspora in Sweden to his distant cousin here in Kurdistan. Unfortunately, it seems she wasn't able to leave the country with her new husband without first having a reception in Kurdistan (perhaps to prove to everyone that they really are married?) I imagine there will be another gorgeous ceremony in Sweden.
We sat in our plastic chairs on the edge of the spare concrete basement-like wedding hall with our coats on; it's colder in Salahaddin. These women; however, had other ways of keeping warm. They danced around the hall to the never-ending Kurdish wedding dance tracks until the men, on the other side at the plastic tables, finished eating. I take it it was the women and children's turn next, but I'm not sure as we left before that happened.

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