Saturday, January 26, 2008

In the kitchen

Really I am aware that I live in a surreal bubble in the heart of Hawler... I know it's not fair that I have brand new appliances, hot water and electricity.... but I am taking advantage of this to finally learn how to cook. Last year, I bemoaned all the things I couldn't get in the supermarkets here... and they are numerous!But this year I am determined to learn to cook with what's available! Last year I was afraid to touch/cook meat (unless it was neatly cubed free range chicken breast or wild salmon...), but this year, I am learning to deal with bones! For example, I can now make buffalo wings and this week I learned how to use the rotisserie attachment in my oven and made my first ever rotisserie chicken - so much more FABULOUS than ones in the stores(and so easy)! I also discovered that you can MAKE sour cream (completely unavailable here) by combining one part melted butter to three parts yogurt. And I have started baking (thus the need to have 3 eggs in a bowl at the same time...) Strange how all the yolks are different colors. Does anyone know why that might be? They were all in the same carton.

Next on the agenda are lasagna, banana bread and maybe even date squares (although I don't personally like them).

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