Sunday, January 27, 2008

Floor 4/3 - Elevators or "Apples and Pears"

British or American? Stairs or Elevator... directions to my flat differ. If you want to walk, think British because the floors as you go up the stairs are labeled with the ground floor as G and the next level up as 1. I live on what would be floor 3 in the UK, but if you enter the lift (I mean elevator) think American as pushing the button for floor 4 will take you to the level labeled 3.

I would love to live on floor 11/10 as the view is better, but in truth, it's probably better not to have to take the elevator. If the electricity suddenly goes out, you will be plunged into darkness and then when the electricity comes back on, the will be a violent jerk as the elevator resets and takes you back to the first floor. At the university, the elevator actually has kept several people prisoner for much longer periods. Some of the female students had to be rescued by some young male students who pried open the doors with a crowbar and ruined that elevator forever.

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