Thursday, February 07, 2008

Trapped in the dark

... in the lift! Truthfully, being stuck in an elevator is not so scary... for the first 60 seconds, but after that, the complete blackness in that small space seems stifling. After 2 minutes in the dark, I heard some voices and started hollering, but the voices, which were speaking in Kurdish, ignored me. I could hear them retreating when suddenly I heard a familiar voice speaking in English. It was Pambette's voice from 3 floors up telling the staff that someone was trapped in the lift.

It turned out that the company that runs this complex forgot to stock up on fuel for the generator and decided to turn off all the electricity until they could get some more... (I wonder how many other unsuspecting people were trapped in elevators in the other 13 buildings - not so nice as they left the electricity off for 4-5 hours). I am lucky P managed to catch them before they left the building.

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pambetto said...

always glad to be of help!!!