Friday, February 01, 2008

Thursday Night

This Thursday, I didn't join Vin at the Edge... and I didn't stay home alone watching TV or pretending to work. Mu and Pambette made dinner plans... and picked my house as the location. Mu came over to cook lamb chop stew. Didn't know there was such a thing, but it was delicious.
But before dinner was cooked, a mystery guest arrived. Tf had unfortunately locked himself out of his apartment and had to climb over my balcony to his own. But not to worry, he made it safely and came back with "the bar". Last week he stocked up in Ainkawa on all sorts of spirits).
And finally Pambette arrived with all the sparkling coversation and drama.
After Mu had just made us eat the second large helping, Dr. Z arrived just in time to see us clean our plates, but not to fear... plenty of Halal sausages and eggs. After this, he began the dancing. "Opa!"

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pambetto said...

zanmei...this is a very artistic and figurative...mmm...pic of mine...: P

next time you have to organise dinner over out ours!!!