Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sh*t Storm

Although crude the title of this post describes the climate here these days; both literally and figuratively.

Regarding the literal sh*t storm, it was unbeleivable. It was really much like a sand storm, but wet. I was having dinner with friends in a restaurant and when we came out, the car... all the cars... and buildings and such were splattered all over by what appeared to be incredibly evenly-spaced bird droppings. Ah, the uniformity of the patterns of chaos! It was only yesterday that I managed to clear that same pattern off my windows. The Bangladeshi workers on the garden paths laughed to see me half hanging out of my window extending my window-cleaning rag as far as my arm could extend. The rest of the picture window had to settle for water squeeze-shot from a 2 liter plastic water bottle. (I am on the 4th floor). I wanted to post a picture of all the cars covered in sh*t, but unfortunately, my new camera is already broken - a couple of the metal prongs that feed into the memory card broke off.

As for the figurative sh*t storm, it describes the social climate at my place of employ at the moment... but I am unfortunately not really at liberty to discuss the sh*t that has been flying around, both by word-of-mouth, in paper form and via the internet.

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