Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baby Shower in Kurdistan for K

The weekend is over and so is K's baby shower... but it was fun. Out of the 11 guests (the guest of honor, the host (me) and 9 others), 5 knew what a baby shower is and only 3 had been to one before. One of the British guests is an artist who kindly (although unfamiliar with the North American baby shower custom) agreed to help with decorations! Please see her lovely carousel mobile! She dropped by the day before to drop off her decorations and join another guest (who was dropping off the cake) for a pre-shower glass of wine. I realized I really miss having female friends who just drop by for a coffee and a chat after work.

Friday morning I woke up to the piles of silt edging its way under my balcony door after Thursday evening's dust storm. I cleaned that up and waited for the delivery boy. Promptly at noon (as promised) the young man from Fairuz Restaurant in Shoresh made his delivery: hummus, baba ganoush, warak inab, tabouleh, fatoush, olives and bread. Finally (at 1:00), the guests started to arrive.
This picture shows the first of the games. Bl is wrapping the piece of yarn she cut to see how close she got to guessing the size of K's tummy.

The photo below shows K trying to stick the pacifier in baby's mouth. Someone suggested we teach this game to the students using their teachers' pictures. I am open to suggestions as to what we pin to the teachers' faces.

We also played a version of taboo (Never say baby), another game where you guess the flavor of baby food and finally everyone was asked to guess how many diapers (good thing I am not expecting as I can't even spell 'diaper'). Then it was time for P's cake and L's homemade (from a box mix - shhh) cupcakes. FInally, K got to open up her gifts, everyone collected their prizes (flowers- growing gifts to remind everyone of K's growing baby) and went home.
Now we are all waiting until the big event so we can get to babysit. And in the meantime, I am enjoying K's thank you gift (a pink rose cutting that is quite happy in my balcony garden) and waiting for own my green babies (herbs) to sprout and grow.

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