Monday, April 20, 2009

the "REAL" thing in Kurdistan!

(Photo stolen from Valley's Facebook Album)
Could it really be true that one of the key ingredients in cola (both Pepsi and Coke) is an extract from pig intestines? If true, it is understandable why they were apparently both banned... or at least condemned by some Iraqi Ayatollah in Najaf.

True or not true, it is a fact that in Iraqi cola-drinking history, Iraqis have long been consumers of Pepsi... even when cola import was banned by the regime and they had to smuggle in concentrate from Europe and make "fake" Pepsi. (Although puportedly not as good, it was only half the price).

In any case, cola consumption trends are changing now thanks to the presence of Iraq's very own Coca Cola manufacturing plant right here in in Hawler, Kurdistan... and consumers can know that what they are drinking is the REAL THING. Our business instructor arranged a field trip to the plant so that students could see the kind of organization, planning and the professionalism which makes a business successful. As for me, I think the key to success must be the red caps and Coca cola penguin keychain souvenirs.

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Donna said...

hi, its really good that you've got all this on the internet! do you live permantly in hawler? Are you from the US? I hope you don't mind me asking, its that im from the UK and my partner is from Hawler and he wants me to go live there with him. I'm worried its not safe there or if there are problems there? I'd be really grateful if you could give me a message back and let me no what its like to live there? If you didn't mind. Im thinking about going in May as i've got exam's I need to do before I go anywhere! lol Are there many women from other countries there with there partners? Any info you could give i'd be so grateful! thank you so much!