Thursday, August 27, 2009

One more thing...

This year (as part of a resolution to live more healthily), I have decided to do more cooking at home and less eating of greasy foods in the cafeteria. Hence I brought back a goodly selection of my favorite commercial sauces (yes, I do know they are packed with salt, sugar and preservatives) for marinating meats to make the cooking the more complicated foreign dishes easier. (I believe they are OK used in moderation... Ex. I use only 1 generous tbsp of Patak's Vindaloo paste for marinating the meat; I then use fresh ingredients and spices for making the curry).

Yesterday I reached for the bottle of black bean sauce (see above) that I bought at a little Chinese-owned corner store in Saint John, New Brunswick only to find that it didn't exist. Then I remembered... it was packed (so as to keep the glass bottle from breaking) into one of those supersoft slippers pilfered from my FedEx shipment. So to any of my colleagues who haven't returned to Erbil yet and think I deserve a little present... this is a big HINT! (It would pretty much guarantee you an invite to dinner sometime).

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