Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The last stop on last weekend's trip was Amedi. Like the reliefs at Halamata, the history of this city goes back 3000 years. I would really like to share with you pictures and stories of the Assyrian ruins located there... I think there are ruins of a citadel, a synagogue, a church, a Koran school and a very old gate. I don't really know because the kids were tired and hungry and we couldn't find a place to have tea! I guess this means I will have to take another trip to Amedi so that I can explore at more leisure.
After not finding a chaikhana, we left Amedi (which is build on a kind of natural citadel) to find a restaurant. At the restaurant, we asked someone to point out the gate. If you look at the rocks in the photo above, you will see a hole in the rocks. This is the gate I plan to visit next time.
And this final photo shows a friendly woman from Zakho who allowed us to take her picture. After taking the photo, her brother (also wearing traditional clothing) pointed out the gate to us in perfect English. It turns out he was visiting family in Kurdistan, but actually lives in London, Ontario!

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