Saturday, May 03, 2008

Bakery & More

Photo by Corinne

The days of begging visitors to smuggle blocks of parmesan in their suitcases is over! What you can't see in this photo is the glass case filled with salami and ham varieties (all Halal beef, but convincing in taste), gruyere, parmesan, mozarella, and other cheeses! There is yet another bigger case of millefeuille, strawberry tarts, cream puffs, eclairs, mousse desserts... and, best of all, a counter stacked with breads; including baguettes, hedgehog-shaped loafs made from unbleached flour, lebanese flat bread and a variety of others, some enticing with an aroma of savory herbs.
Upstairs is a restaurant where I will likely be lunching a lot in the future. Now if only these new places that have started to spring up in Erbil would bring in proper coffee machines and good espresso.

If you haven't been yet, tell the taxi to take you to Sky City. It is directly across the street.

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