Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Culture Club

No this isn't a post about Boy George (if you are old enough to know who he is), but about the Chaldean Youth Center in Ainkawa. Another of Tiziana's photos. I am posting them all as she left today and I am most distressed. Anyway, I like this photo because it shows a kind of casual 'normalcy' I don't find in many public places in Erbil. Tiziana says that there are many of this sort of club where young people gather attached to churches in towns in Italy. On May 6th, when we went on our tour of the churches of Ainkawa, it was easy for us to explore the churches thanks to Tiziana. At one church where the guard didn't really want to let us in, despite pleas from our Chaldean guides, he reversed his decision when her heard she was from Italy. After all, she comes with a recommendation from the Pope!

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