Friday, October 03, 2008

German Reunification Day

This is an important day for me as I arrived just after German Re-unification Day (and hence missed the only dinner that my employer held at the beginning of term to welcome all new employees) and just before Eid. I don't know much about how this day is celebrated in Germany, but know that in Hawler, it is honored with a barbecue of chicken, lamb and sausages (non-pork) and beer. Also, there is German music (sounding to my untrained ear like polkas and marches) set to a slide show of images of the Berlin Wall coming down.... not to mention a speech by Gunter, the owner of the Deutscher hof.

Maybe this will mean more to me next year as I will go to Germany for the first time ever from Hawler this winter: Erbil - Vienna - Frankfurt via Austrian Airlines. I will meet my mother for Christmas and go from there fo Nuremburg and Munich (making sure to visit other choice Bavarian towns), but will unfortunately miss Berlin.... I am happy to note, however, that my favorite beer at the Deutscher hof comes from Bavaria!

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