Friday, May 29, 2009

Just like home...

After a hard week of struggling to get caught up with marking, to get my exams ready, to help students with last minute qeries about their essays, etc... today was a welcome break. The whole day felt almost like a day back home. After a leisurely (and happy - see below) brunch, I went shopping and bought a dress with such lovely embroidery, it inspired envy among my friends. After this, although people rarely ring my doorbell anymore, I had a steady stream of visitors (although one was just a colleague needing a corkscrew). But the highlight of the day was really opening the edible treasures brought from the UK by my houseguest! So nice in a landlocked place to have smoked salmon as an appetizer followed by mussels cooked in a garlic and white wine sauce. Now I am really itching for vacation where I will be able to stuff myself silly with sushi, grilled prawns, sauteed scallops, cedar planked salmon, raw oysters... and maybe even lobster!

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