Saturday, June 28, 2008

Berwari Beasties

There was plenty of wildlife in and around the villages we visited; donkeys, boars, swallows, and incredible blue winged dragonflies to name but a few. But there were also a number of pets. Below please find each of our favorites.

Below is Sarah's pet. She saved it from the irrigation trough.

And this was my favorite pet. Although there are sheep everywhere in Kurdistan (and in Iraq I imagine), I have never seen a pet sheep... Most people herd their sheep in groups along with their goats with a big stick. This is the first time I have ever seen one on a leash.

And finally, we have Lesley's favorite. She took many photos of Lorene's cat. Although common in Canada and the UK (where us guests are from), cats are not such common pets in Kurdistan. People generally don't seem to like them. This one was terrible cute, however. It never stopped playing and when its favorite toy (a walnut) was taken away, it played at catching its own tail.

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