Friday, June 27, 2008

Iyate's Church

Unfortunately, I can't tell you much about this church, it's history... or even it's name at the moment. It was in the mountains of Iwate and we had to go to a relative's house (that house with the thatched porch roof) to get the key. Then we were off following our guide, Lorene, up the trail. (As you can tell, Iraq has good cell phone reception even in the mountains!)
The church (at the top of this path) was in a cave that was said to have been used as a church since the time of St. George. But of course, the door is more recent.Lesley's photo shows the door from the inside looking out.
An the alter, as you can see, is really set against the cave wall and is hidden by a maroon curtain embellished with golden crosses.

And finally, we couldn't leave the church without making a wish... If you place a small stone against the wall and it sticks, your wish will come true. Mine didn't stick... wish I had tried licking it first.

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