Thursday, June 05, 2008

In limbo

After a trying day (you will have already read about my day-long call marathon with Aras cargo after which no package arrived), I have finally made it to the airport. I took a cab and the driver offered me a cheap rate to drive me direct rather than to the airport bus stop. This was a mistake as the driver insisted on trying to teach me Turkish and Kurdish the whole way and asked me uncomfortable questions even though I tried to make it clear that I had a very jealous boyfriend.

Anyway, now I am sitting in the airport cafe waiting not to fly, but to find out whether or not Laveen will permit me to buy a ticket since they still don't know whether or not the plane will leave this evening. This is unfortunate as I am not looking forward to another trying road trip. Ah, well... such is life. You will know that I made it if the next post is from Erbil.

1 comment:

Saffron said...

Oh dear! And we had such luck with airlines in Turkey last summer, too...

Hopefully you'll make it back to Erbil safely without too much hassle.