Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kani Masi

And on the last in Berwari, we walked to Kani Masi. In the below photo (by Sarah) you can see Kani Masi behind the donkey.
Unlike Iyate and Smaeli, which are primarily Assyrian villages, Kani Masi has both Kurdish and Assyrian residents. The photo below (by Lesley) shows a Kurdish woman.

And this was our destination; the Assyrian Culture Center. It was decorated everywhere with the star of Ishtar and (not shown) was flying the Assyrian flag. The building behind this was balancing with a Kurdish flag and one of the PDK party.

Inside the Culture Center, we received a tour of the building and a demonstration of how farmers in the region used to plow their fields using miniature tools. And finally, we received a quick lesson in ping pong from Lina, Lorene and Louanne. (See post about ping pong champ Lina for picture).

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