Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And back to Oak Forest

After seeing K off, Fra met me downtown for a morning session of Birkram yoga and too me back to Oak Forest. It was kind of nice to hang out in the suburbs; lolling about in the little pool that was set up in the back yard for the kids... and Fra's dad to splash around in on at the wedding. We also made Banana splits and watched movies. The bottom picture is because there are lots of things I forgot about the US... like buying stuff on ebay. The picture is of a J-shaped cheesy that J plans to see on ebay! If only I also had pictures of the muscle cars that J rebuilds - J and Fra have started their own business which will have a name something like, "Plumcrazy Mopar Muscle Cars." I wonder how these would sell in Kurdistan; I think people might like the noise and power, but seeing as anything smaller than an SUV gets its bottom scraped going over the bulk of the speed bumps...

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