Monday, September 29, 2008

Cuba -Viñales

The last place I visited in Cuba was Viñales, a lovely area with forests, valleys and mountains like I haven't seen since Vietnam. This is where the famous Cuban tobacco and some of the coffee is grown. Too bad my flight path takes me back through the US or I would have tried to take more of both back with me. The picture below is the guide who took me through the valleys and past the tobacco farms on horseback. We also visited a cave with a natural pool inside where we went swimming.

Below is my Viñales neighborhood. At sunset, the whole city was GORGEOUS!
And finally, the nice Belgian couple that stayed in the same casa as me. The girl wore really cute mini skirts everyday and confessed that they live in a primarily Turkish area in their city and that she feels shy to wear anything short there. Welcome to my world! I would sooner die than wear a mini skirt in Hawler. One day when a student saw me wearing a skirt halfway between my knee and my ankle, he commented on my nice "mini skirt"! And I have fond memories of her guy as well as they locked themselves out of the house one night and came around to my window knocking and whispering, "Rita, Rita..." to get me to wake up and let them in. Nevermind that my name isn't Rita.

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