Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dogs, Donkeys & Shoes: update from Frankfurt

Here I sit in my airport hotel in Frankfurt getting in a few last minutes of expensive, but very functional high speed internet connection while watching CNN (I don't have to leave for a few more minutes).

It would seem that while the Bosnians are using dogs to find mines in Iraq, the Canadians are training donkeys to negotiate difficult terrain in Afghanistan. The donkeys trainees will not only allow them to reach hard-to-reach place (donkeys don't need much water and are strong); it will also keep good relations with Afghani farmers whose walls won't be destroyed if the Canadians are using donkeys instead of tanks to reach other Canadians needing supplies.

Also to watch: changes in the Iraqi feelings re: the shoe throwing incident. Seems the journalist was beaten... I am sure you are not surprised.

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