Monday, December 15, 2008

Thursday Nights @ the Balcony, Post 2

'The Balcony' is unfortunately not a hip new coffee shop or a bar, but my actual balcony... but people really do sometimes congregate here... and not only when Kurdish singers are providing the ambience. The reason would be that there is nowhere else to go really. That barbecue restaurant that I posted some time ago has passed into the hands of a new manager and the food quality and taste have reportedly (I took their word for it) deteriorated significantly. Dilan and Cafe de Paris have disappeared with the owner... back to France. The prices at Senarra piano bar shot up through the roof... and that leaves MY BALCONY. The picture above shows a backgammon tournament. If only I could play. Now it is December and too cold to sit outside, so when I return from winter break, seems I must find a new spot to collect friends in.

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