Saturday, June 27, 2009

Börek 4 Breakfast

Here in Kurdistan, I cook my own breakfast as places where I would like to have breakfast usually don't open until noon. However, a couple of friends recently discovered a wonderful breakfast option - börek (Turkish pastries) plain or filled with meat or cheese. Although I usually only eat eggs or yogurt with honey when in Turkey, that is probably because I had never had Su Böreği or 'Water Borek'...

Since these friends found börek right here in Erbil, I have had it a few times (as take out), but yesterday was my first time to actually go to Roozer, the börek shop. We had a day trip to Dohuk planned and so Mu and I met Haji and Sdr there for an early breakfast.
Below is Mr. Yilmaz Aykan, the owner behind his wide variety of börek.
And here, a big plate of börek:
And just in case you want to try Roozer, but have as hard a time finding places as me, below is a picture of an easy landmark - the minaret of Haji Bekir Jeringar Mosque in Iskan. This is what can be seen across the street from Roozer... and if you get lost, just call the owner: 0750.729.0776.

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