Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Clearing the Freezer... of Kubbat Mousel

Photograph: Terry McCormick/Stacey International

The last time Remon was over, he commented on the state of my fridge/freezer (he was the second person to do so after Dk). And seeing as I will be leaving for summer holidays soon, I thought it was important to clean it out. I tried to get rid of everything that was not likely to EVER be eaten, leaving only one full shelf of (you guessed it) condiments: hot chilli sauce, tabasco, 3 kinds of mustard brought into Kurdistan via suitcase (mine, Dr. D's and S's), sun-dried tomatoes suspended in oil, spicy ketchup, coconut paste, chilli mayonnaise...

And then there was the freezer which yesterday evening contained only 2 full ice cube trays, a half bottle of peach vodka and one frozen kubbat Mousel! The plastic wrap on the kubbat said absolutely nothing except for "Alsalem" (the brand?) so I had no idea what to do with it. I rubbed it with olive oil and put it on a piece of tinfoil for baking (my favorite no fuss cooking method), but after baking it, I discovered that I should have boiled it and then fried it. For all of you that actually like this dish (I ate it because I am trying to empty my freezer), you can find interesting Mousel Kubbat trivia and the recipe here (where I stole the photo).

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