Saturday, June 27, 2009

On the Road to Dohuk

After a breakfast of börek in Iskan, Haji, Sdr, Mu and I set off for Dohuk, passing many familiar landmarks along the way... I always wondered what these be-flagged tents are used for, but unfortunately, I still don't know.
An hour and a half after leaving Hawler, it is time for a rest stop... in the part of the drive I hate the most when taking a night taxi to the border. It always seems that in the windiest parts in the mountains where there is almost no light except for the headlights is always the very place the drivers want to turn their heads around to see if I am paying attention to their Kurdish lessons.
We take a seat under a grassy roof for tea... I am made to feel just a little twinge of nerves by the fans that are wobbling overhead as they spin lazily suspended from the roof by what looks like nothing more than stripped twist-ties.
But despite the overhead hazards, this turns out to be a pretty good rest stop as the toilets are clean, the sound of the fountain (made by a big black hose suspended to the roof drizzling water into a tiled basin below) makes the place feel cool and... they have pets!

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